what january taught me

January taught me a lot of lessons. 

She taught me that I can survive 4 days at home by myself in a huge snowstorm with 2 children. #ihatesnow

She taught me to re-love makeup #hellosavvyminerals

She taught me that my daughter has passions and I'm learning how to encourage those passions.

Alivea and Mia discussing their plans for tiny houses for the homeless in our community.

She taught me that baby wipes double as makeup remover wipes and dryer sheets. #mylaundrysmellsbetterthanyours

She taught me that my son is capable of soothing himself and keeping himself busy and that maybe just maybe all the time I spend on preschool activities for him is not wasted.  I just can't push said activities on him.  He has to find them himself. #sheesh

She taught me that bullet journaling is my preferred method of record keeping and planning.  #i'vespenttoomuchmoneyonplannersidon'tuse

She taught me that my daughter, who will turn 10 in a few months, wears the same size shoe as me. #wherehaveallmyshoesgone

She taught me that even in the midst of hard, uncertain times, our family is gonna be okay because we have each other. #jesusbuildsthecoolestfamilies

She taught me that I are never too old to push play on something or in my case record. #moreonthiscomingsoon

Thanks January for all your lessons.  Now, I'm excited to see what February will bring.

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