lemon + frank: the podcast

Y'all.  I've wanted to host a podcast for like years now.

I'm serious.  I feel like I've literally grown up on podcasts.

From Serial to Mike Rowe's The Way I Heard It to Jamie Ivey's Happy Hour Podcast, I've literally spent hours in my car, in airports, and early in the morning before my kids wake up crying, laughing and just soaking in all the wisdom and good stories and conversations from my favorite podcasts.

The thing I love about podcasts is how simple and how accessible they make everyone seem.  It's not a lecture, it's like you're listening in on someone's conversation or gathered around listening to your favorite uncle (or father-in-law, in my case) tell his famous stories.

Lemon + Frank: the podcast is coming.

It's gonna be a whole lot of conversations with my favorite people on the planet.  I hope it's a shot in the arm to you.  I hope it bends your heart towards the Savior and I hope it just gives you a little bit of bravery to do that thing.

I've working on a lineup of some of my favorite humans and you get to listen in on our conversations.

I'm so excited.

We're in the process of recording our first couple of episodes and then Lemon + Frank: the podcast will be available for iTunes and Google Play.

I'm so excited.

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