episode 1 with erica simpson

This past Thursday I had the most amazingly fun experience over the phone.  I recorded my very first podcast episode with my friend Erica Simpson.

Erica and I at Young Living's Grand Convention in Salt Lake City

Erica is my internet turned telephone turned in-real-life friend and I am so thankful for her.  She's one of those friends that after you spend time in their space you're just thankful.  Erica and I don't get to catch up often.  She's wrangling two babies and my older babies are usually fighting or just plain being loud even though they've been quiet all morning.  #momlife

Even though we don't get to chat often, she's one of those friends who always has my back and she's the first friend I told about this little podcast that I was starting.  And I'm so glad she agreed to be my first guest.

In this episode we chat transracial families, learning to do our kid's hair, the comparison game that moms play, this most beautiful thing called social media, the struggle to do it all, and so much more.

I have to tell you this real quick before you head over to iTunes and check the episode out.  The episode did not turn out at all like I planned.  I had a plan.  Oh yes, I had a plan.  But Erica and I got chatting and like all good conversations do, we just twisted and turned and the end result really is beautiful.  I am so pleased with how it turned out and I hope it blesses you.

This whole thing.  This taking your thoughts and putting them out there (with your voice instead of typing with your fingers) is hard.  It's not an easy thing.  But it's a growing thing.  It's a molding and a shaping thing.  

I'm so excited for more episodes of Lemon + Frank: The Podcast.  It's going to be a fun thing.

Also, make sure and follow Erica on IG @eeverydayart and here are some books we mentioned in the episode in case you want to check those out for yourself:

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