rutavala (let them all sleep)

A few months ago, I got this roller in my monthly Young Living box.

You guys.  It smells so amazing.  It's a blend of Lavender (hello calming), Valerian (hello grounding), and Ruta.  Ruta is an herb that is grown and distilled at Young Living's Ecuador farm.

Here's the thing I love about this roller.  Convenience.  I can literally just swipe my son on the back of the neck.

Does anyone else have a hard time getting your little one to stop long enough to put oils on the bottoms of their feet?  Or is it just me?

This roller makes it so easy to just swipe him as he runs by.

I use it myself too.  At nighttime it's the perfect calming blend.  I just roll it on the back of my neck and on the bottoms of my feet.  And it smells so good.  I seriously could wear this one as a perfume.

What oils are your sleepy time oils?  I'd love to know.