modern farmhouse in the city

We move in 12 days.  12 days from today will be our first day in our new house.

This has me not only in panic mode because I am decluttering and packing all the things.

But it also has me in major house envy mode.  I am pouring over Pinterest and the decor magazines at the grocery store.

There are a few trends I am loving for the new house and I wanted to share them.

First, my style is definitely modern farmhouse with a little mid-century modern mixed in.  I love chalk paint but I also love my vintage Pyrex from the 70s.  I love wood but I also love a little metal.  I'm complicated like that.  I love real art but I also love cheap prints in great frames.

Here are some decor trends that I am sure to incorporate into our new house somewhere.

The Layered Rug look from The Crazy Cat Lady

Succulents from The Blondielocks

White Farmhouse Style Table with Colored Chairs from Paddington Way

Words that Matter from Smallwood Home

Night Sky Poster from NightSky

Rae Dunn Pottery from Liz Marie Blog

I know it's not the things that make a house but I am having a lot of fun dreaming and thinking about this home and the love and the people we will fill it with.  I'm committed to providing a safe space for my kids to land and for my husband to come home to.  And I also want our house to be the one where the coffee or tea is always on and where the dining room table is always open for a good chat.  You may have to move the homeschool books aside, but otherwise it's open.